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I enjoyed the Tangiers flavor/buzz personally. Although for all the work i had to put into it, it better have been amazing.

I haven't tried the Ayam whachyamacallit yet, should be able to try it soon though. Nakhla is dirt cheap, while it's not my personal favorite smoke many like it so i'd suggest trying it, just AVOID the El Basha line like the plague.

Personally I love a few SB flavors, Fumari, Romman, and AF. Hookah Freak/HH is an alright brand, I'd try a few of their smokes but they aren't really a smoke you devote yourself to. AF has a lot of decent flavors and a few good ones, i'd suggest trying out ESK apple and Pipe.

Like many have said before, it's all about personal pref. I LOVE Romman for traditional fruit flavors and I love Tangiers flavors/buzz, however some will tell you Tangiers is the worst tobacco ever and Romman is way overpriced. You like what you like man, bottom line =).
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