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Default I am such a hookah failure.

First of all, I'm from Sweden and I'm REALLY crappy at english. I hope you understand what I'm writing.

So, I bought a hookah when I was in Turkey, and I loved it!
It was a small one, about 30cm tall, and the smoke came out pretty good. But, the hookah was not heavy enough, it felt over really easy. I sold it and bought a taller, more steady one. This one is about 50cm tall, and totally awesome!

I got SUPER THICK clouds with it, and it was wonderful! Almost never got harsh or anything!
I smoked the tobacco I bought in turkey, called Kaya. It seems like a really rare tobacco, it is hard to find anything about it on google.

Well, off course the shisha ran out, and I had to buy some other. I bought El (Yes, El) Fakher from a local tobacco store, and it was crappy. REALLY crappy. It got harsh all the time, and the smoke was really thin.

So, I stopped smoking for about a month and was just reading on different forums instead.

I bought the flavors Grape, Two Apples and Mint. That's the flavors I have heard good words about.
Two Apple is from July 2007, Grape and Mint is from February 2008.

I opened all up, and smelled. Two Apple smelled like those licorice cough drop (I think that's the name in english). Not bad, but not really that good.
Mint smelled like the chewing gums that is good for your teeth, and Grape smelled like skittles, the candy you now.

So, I started with grape. It was good, but not that good. Better than El Fakher (duh), but worse than Kaya.
It was not really harsh, but it was an annoying tickle in the throat when I blew out the smoke. Really annoying, and I didn't get rid of the tickle until the last 15 minutes of the hookah.

After that I tried with Two Apple. It was hell.
It was REALLY strong flavor, and REALLY tickling my throat, but not good smoke. No matter what I did, it still tickled. I threw the bowl in the trash after 20 minutes.

Today, Im sitting here again with the hookah, trying Two Apple a second time. It got MUCH better, not that strong taste, a bit thicker smoke and a little less tickling. But it was still tickling, and I hate it.

I'm asking you guys, WTH AM I DOING WRONG?! Here is some photos when I'm setting it up:

Pic 1. I sprinkle the tobacco in to the bowl, just like the guides say. I pack just a little so it doesn't touch the foil.

Pic. 2 Another view, so you can see aprox how much it is.

Pic. 3 My hole pattern. Is that good enough? I only use one foil, with two foils I get really thin smoke.

Pic. 4 I put the coals on the hookah, and let it stay there for about 3-4 minutes, just to heat up the shisha. The first two hits are actually pretty good.

Pic. 5 It started to tickle a little, so I moved the coals more to the sides. It ended up with thinner smoke, but almost no tickling.

Pic. 6 Started to tickle AGAIN after about 10 minutes, so I took off all the coals and let the shisha rest. After about 4 minutes I put on two coals, and it was pretty good for about 10 minutes.

The rest was EPIC FAILURE. The tickling was really strong, not good smoke, but the taste was ok. What the heck did I do wrong?

The coals I'm using is called Torch Coals in sweden. It is natural coals you lit on the range, not ql. It worked really well with Kaya, but not with AF.

I really appriciate your help!

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