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Default Re: I am such a hookah failure.

Originally Posted by Binsky View Post
1.You didn’t load your bowl enough.
2.You’re using way too many coals. You only need 2 for the size bowl you have. Try to keep the coals away from the center.
But with two coals it didn't get good either. :S

Originally Posted by Xazon View Post
Way too big holes in the foil
I watched the "How to setup a hookah"-movie on this site, and we got about the same size on our holes. Should I use a needle instead?

Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
Blinsky and Xazon are all right. You are using way too much coal for that bowl, and those holes are much too large. And i don't think the small quantity of tobacco in the bowl would affect the quality of the smoke, but you can certainly put more in there.
If I put more tobacco in the bowl it will touch the foil. Isn't it gonna burn?
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