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Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
OK, I am gonna jump in .. if it is getting harsh, it is most likely that you have to much heat or are overpacking your bowl. Try using less tobacco or less heat, or both!?

I have only come across one tobacco/flavor that was harsh tasting to me, with proper heat management. and that was Layalina Mangosteen.

I am not saying if it is the AF or not, but in my experience it may be your heat management and packing of your bowl. So take a look at those before you go and get all disappointed in AF.

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
yes.. and that really goes for the most of you AF-Haters ... DOnt blame AF when many times it might be your own mistakes..
I agree with these guys. I have only been smoking a little while now but I have never had a problem with harsh smoke as long as you work the coals when the tobacco gets finicky. People have said Starbuzz is difficult and AF is harsh but I have a few of each and they all work fine if you give them what they want; sometimes its more heat sometimes less. Also definitely watch how you pack your bowl this is important because you could be packing it too full and scorching the top.

P.S. AF grape is one of the best flavors IMO.
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