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Default Re: I am such a hookah failure.

welcome to HP

first i want to say your english is great, i would not have known you were not a native english speaker.

now to your tickle issue, i had that issue when i started smoking hookah so im not sure if its just your getting used to it, also are you drinking anything while you smoke, if not just grab a drink and see if that helps, i can get a really bad tickle some times and just take a sip and im fine.

you could try more holes, it will keep the heat cooler on the shisha since it can seep out through the other holes.

your packing looks ok but you could try barely tapping it down, also there was a little pit that was sticking up to the foil so that may be a little issue.

your foil looks weird, it has some texture on it, is it very thin, not sure what brands and types you have over there but there is probably a "normal" foil and a "heavy duty", the heavy duty is double thickness and that usually helps most people, if you just have the thin foil try a second layer.

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