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Default Re: I am such a hookah failure.

Originally Posted by OCMusicJunkie View Post
First of all, welcome to the forums! I'm pureblood Swedish, so I had to reply.

The flavors you picked are pretty harsh starter flavors. Double apple is supposed to have a strong anise (licorice) taste. Not many people like it the first time. Grape is a flavor that has had some issues with bad batches from AF and mint is a better mixing flavor than it is smoked alone.

Whenever I hear about harsh smoke, the first thing I ask about is the coals. Cheap coals can add fumes that burn your throat, or provide so little heat, you need to put way too many on to get decent smoke.
at first i was only mixing mint but now i can smoke it straight and enjoy it just as well, but lately ive gotten a little stuffy and want something minty to help clear me out

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