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Default i love trying new things!

I have been getting just a bit bored with hookah these last few nights. you have to understand, i have my choice of hundreds of flavors from several brands at my fingertips.
The first time I tried mint, years ago, i don't even remember. all i remember is saying that was ok, but never again. i would mix a bit of mint into other flavors to add a mint kick when bored once in awhile, however I never dared trying mint alone again, until last night. we had a hot windy day, fires up north, smoke smell outside, so i needed to cool down and decided to go for AF mint, straight. absolutely loved it, and I could never understand why anyone would buy a 250g box before last night. this may have to become a regular flavor for me. it wasn't strong at all, i think what makes it strong is when you mix it with a grape or lemon, but straight was a lot better than i thought. any other straight mint fans here?
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