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Default Girl from you tube!

I'm pretty sure that every one has seen that you tube video with that Asian girl doing all of those wicked tricks smoking her hookah. I thought that was so freaking awesome. What do you guys think of it. I had stopped smoking for a while. I saw her video and wanted to start smoking my hookah again just to see if I could be half as good as her. I try do get better at my tricks but all of that inhaling back to back gets me buzzed too quickly. Maybe I will switch to a cheaper shisha that gives you less of a buzz just so I can practice more. In case you haven't seen it it is called "smoke rings and tricks-hookah pro sumire wakita" or type this into your browser:

Does anyone know if she is a member of our community here at hookah pro? I would love to get the chance to talk to her. Maybe she could give me a few pointers.
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