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i just wanted to revive this thread for a bit. I know many of you have expressed an interest in arak, but i think arak needs to be drank with the right type of food, mainly lebanese food, however, most member here are single younger guys that smoke at home and can't just whip up a good lebanese meal whenever they want, unless of course it's aburonin were talking about. anyways, some simple food, well more like snacks. to enjoy hookah and arak are easy to make, and healthy. the last two nights I have been to full to eat but i'm still going to smoke and drink, right? so, i went back to my bar days in lebanon to where when you order a drink they automatically give you a small plae of salted peanuts and thinly sliced carrots with lemon and salt. there you go, healty, light (kind of) and easy to make, also, you could do the same with cucumbers, just slice a carrot or cucumber into quarters, add a ton of lemon and salt and some peanuts on the side, this iwll make you arak and hookah so much more enjoyable. i've done this the last 2 nights about an hour after dinner. have fun...
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