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Default Re: Question about the health if you smoke hookah.

Originally Posted by czerwonymike View Post
smoking wont have any effect on you if you are that physically active. you can keep it up all you want lol. a heba diffuser only make smaller bubbles in your hookah, it does not have any filtering effects. =(
all you want? doubtful.

All smoking is bad. Everyone should know that, but compared to cigarettes, hookah is probably better for you. The hottest point of a cig can get up to 800deg F. With hookahs you're just heating it up to 100-150C. The temperature has a strong effect on how much tar is produced; hookah smoke before any filtration will have much less tar.

Cool smoke is better for the cilia in the lungs. With cigs you're breathing in tht hot smoke.

Anything water soluble will be filtered at least to some degree when going through the water.

A diffuser will improve any filtration that already exists to at least a small extent. It's physics: more bubbles = more surface area = greater mass transfer
The same with heat transfer. A diffuser will cool the smoke down more, though it may not be noticeable if it's already really smooth. Again, more surface area = greater heat transfer. (see Fick's Law and Fourier's Law)

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