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Default Re: Searching Shisha

Several of the vendors have good deals on them. ******* has like buy 3 get one free Buy 5 get 3 free buy 10 get 10 free buy 20 get 25 free of AF 50g samples. For other brands and flavors just search through I got Nakhla 50g from The Hookah Store for 1.50 a piece by buying over 10. You also get a 15% discount on that so it ends up being a good way to get 50g samples. I would have to say Hookah-hookah would be the best place to get Hookah-Hookah 50g shots as you get either a 10% or 15% discount on those as well. There are a ton more with vendor codes and what not. Some with better prices than others. For something like that I like the bulk discounts.
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