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Default Re: what got u started???

Ok so I had seen them before and was curious because I liked smoking pipes. I went with designs that were supposed to get cooler smokes and some of them were really nice. I loved my Churchwarden Meerschaum pipes. I had heard of Hookah's so I started doing some research. Then I kind of put it aside. Later my wife and I found that the place we had been going for a long time was changing to a sports bar so they could get the business of smokers back. My first reaction was great now we can't come to our favorite place cause restaraunts with smoking screws up my sinuses for days. After a while we came back to see how it was and usually it wasn't too bad. When they were done they had brought in 4 hookahs that they intended to rent just to add a little of Chaddy's culture to the place. They wanted to keep it simple just have a few so they didn't have a lot of flavor mixing and so they didn't have a ton of pipes to keep up since they are more of a restaraunt/now a bar. One of the times we went I begged my wife to try one with me cause I had always wanted to try it. We got strawberry and we liked it a lot. Then we played pool and decided that it would kind of be a date night place. We could go play pool and smoke a hookah and get cheap wings and drinks. The next time we got apple and she loved it. I wasn't a big fan of the Anise but that was what got her into it. So we keep going back and we keep trying to introduce people to it and she bought me one for Christmas and so now I am just waiting to really get into it.
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