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Default Re: Don't know what to buy yet....

Originally Posted by bLinkZor View Post
Hey guys, I have about 25 (I can get more) dollars and I decided to waste it on hookah products. I'm planning on buy new hose for my hookah; is it worth buying it?? I have the stock hoes that came with my hookah, and when I tried cleaning it I can still taste the shisha that I smoked. I also want to get some shisha, but I don't know what flavor to get. The flavors shisha I have are: Al Fakher grape 250gm, Al Fakher cherry 250gm, Pharaoh's blue berry 50gm, Starbuzz chocolate mint 100gm, Roman berry breeze flavor100gm, and Al-Waha strawerry 50gm.
well thats two diff things you need to decide wht you need more a hose or tobacco.. i would go with the tobacco and wait on the hose a little longer unless its really dammaged the hose..
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