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Default 'Bout to place an order!

Hey everyone,
I'm about to order a Mya QT, a kilogram of bluemist, 250g AF grape, and a tangier phunnel bowl, and some extra grommets!! I finally decided on a Mya QT, I have a ~24 inch Al Fakher hookah right now. I actually think John has the same one as me in his pictures, with the "gold" engraved upper stem, silver ball with design, etc, is this correct john? I heard a lot of good things about the QT and some bad things, but i dont think most of the issues stated are that big of a deal, but we'll see. I already own a Razan for the new QT as well. Im really excited to see how this thing smokes, ive heard it gets pretty decent clouds. Ill try to post pictures when the package comes in from *************!
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