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Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
Just yesterday my friend's gf came over, walked into the hookah, knocked the coals over. One landed on my friends lap and he flung it off him and she instinctively kicked it across the room. So finally i round up two of the coals leaving burns marks everywhere, but i cant find one. Two minutes later underneath the couch was smoking. Found the third coal. I put out the smoldering carpet with my hand and only got burnt a little bit ^_^.
Gah i hate that! When people not familiar with the hookah just wind up causing all sorts of havoc. While i'm smoking with friends the first thing everyone gets told before the coal is lit, same goes for anyone who enters the room, anyone who knocks a hookah over drinks the water in the base.

Last weekend a friend of mine knocked over two hookahs we had at the same time, and we made him drink an entire base full of hookah water of a small pumpkin hookah. He was very careful the rest of the night, although he didn't seem to mind it... weird guy he is. :P
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