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Exclamation First time Hookah Buyer KM vs Mya

I am here asking for some help guys.

I have a friend whose hookahs I have smoked from a few times, and I want to go ahead and buy my own. Note: Friend is unaware of KM Hookahs, so I will not rely on his advice. When I described the "tray rattle" KM got dished, even with explanation of how it is part of the uniqueness of owning a KM. My main reason for the Mya QT route is $$$, has nothing to do with the rattle. Please read through my whole post before commenting.

Here are the accessories I will be buying:

1 - Large Nammor Hose
1 - Tangiers Medium Phunnel
1 - MNH Scallis Glass Phunnel Bowl Mod
1 - Tangiers F-Line Kashmir 9
1 - Romman Apple
1 - Romman Berry Breeze
-- Possibility of MNH Tangiers Glass Screen, if you think it is any good
1 Kilo Exotica Finger Coals
(The free coals that come with the hookah are not listed)

Discussion on the Hookah I will buy:
Torn between a
Mya QT (Low investment, easy to clean, portable)
KM ~22 - ~ 36 Inch (Really wanted a tri-metal, but none in usa now that I can see)

So the advice I am looking for basically is... Am I making a bad choice for my first hookah going with the Mya QT? Should I upgrade to a bambino instead? Or go all the way straight to the KM?

I am hesitant to jump into a KM right off the bat, because it seems cleaning it in the bathtub would be a good deal of extra effort, also I see the hookah making some amount of travel, and want one to hike with sometimes. If I start with a Mya there is a good chance I will be buying a taller hookah (IE KM) within my first year of ownership, provided I fall in love and smoke it often, take care of it, etc...

Also any advice/commentary on my accessories selection is welcome. I am open to suggestions for a additonal shisha, discussion on the glass screen.

My vendors are HookahShisha for the hookah, coals, bowl, hose and romman... And MNH for the scali mod & tangiers f-line.

Help fill me in if I have missed anything I need to be considering.

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