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Default Nakhla Mint + Fakhfakhina Lemon = NAKHLA HEAVEN !

So, I finally tried it. Got a 50g pack each. Usually I mix it 3 to 1 (Lemon to Mint respectively) to avoid the overly strong mint.

I thought what the heck, I mixed it equally this time. Put content of both packs on the plastic sheet they wrap it in, mixed it real good with my fingers, loaded up my Tangiers medium phunnel bowl, lit three CH QLs .... and I was in Nakhla heaven for over an hour that I even needed one more QL, it was still going on until I got really bored of smoking lol.

I call that mix the medical shisha LOL. It clears ur nasal sinuses, nasal cavity, throat and chest. It was strong but not too strong. The mint overpowered the lemon, however lemon was still there, so obvious.

This mix is probably gonna be my favourite smoke for quite some time and I guess I'll be buying bigger packs (250g) of Fakhfakhina Lemon and Mint. Maybe try AF Mint or Mizo Mint.

Trust me, I am a Nakhla hater, so if I like this mix that much, it is great. Try it and let me know if u like it
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