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Default Re: Why should i upgrade to a taller hookah?

Originally Posted by nmcgrawj View Post
I bought a Mya hookah about 1 year ago that is about 12" tall. Now what benefit would upgrading to say a 32-36" KM bring me? Im not concerned with looks but rather function. How do the taller more expensive hookahs smoke? I have been searching and cant find a clear consensus

You won't get a clear consensus. People argue the the longer stems allow the smoke to cool more before it reaches you; but then wouldn't longer hoses be better for that reason too? People also claim that larger hookahs have larger vases and in turn larger smoke reservoirs thus allowing larger clouds. This also remains unproven. A lot of people also claim that its just more aesthetically pleasing for a hookah to be taller and more majestic.

My word is, go to a hookah bar and try a larger hookah. See if you like it; if you do, join the KM club; if not, stay in the wimpy mya club.
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