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Default Phunnel Mod Idea

I had an idea, an while I have no plans to capitalize on it, it'd be ok with me if someone else did if it's a good idea.

My current glass phunnel mod that I use is ok, but I run into problems with airflow through the bottom of the mod. And without the mod, I have trouble keeping the foil from blocking the air flow.

So my idea, is some sort of wire frame that supports the foil from drooping but still allows air to flow through it. I don't know what kind of material is safe to put in a bowl, but I've used a paperclip under the foil to support it without any apparent ill affects.

Here's a VERY VERY VERY horrible rough paint drawing of what I'm talkin about.

Please give me your feedback.

PS: My paint skills are horrid. I apologize.
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