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Default Re: Bent Stem Advice?

if you just got it i would contact the seller and complain

as to straighten it you may be able to get a brass rod, round off the end so it doesnt scratch the inside and tap it down (you need one that is almost tight inside but not, also make sure you have enough to be able to grab the end of the rod if it gets stuck.

as to the solder being fragile, thats bull, you should be able to get enough give on it and be well in the clear. its probably a plumbers type solder which i dont know the physics of well behind it but i know that silver solder (brazing technically) when you heat it up zinc leaches out and makes it harder to melt and after a while can make the joint pit and weak but it takes a decent amounts of heat

mckheu i would bet that the solder is getting dirty so it wont flow again, not sure how that solder is but im guessing it is cored with flux, the flux burns off and it can no longer clean it self

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