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Default Re: First time Hookah Buyer KM vs Mya

Again thanks for the help. I posted my order in this thread above, before I went to work. Greg @ hookah-shisha helped me, and I did claim the discount.

As to mistakes I may have made choosing my shisha, I can only hope I learn from them. Perhaps the vortex will serve me well, or as others have commented I may find myself buying a plain phunnel. I mainly got the vortex as a money saver, because I otherwise would have bought a tangiers phunnel, a scalli mod, and a glass screen. So cost wise I saved a few there. Plus I've always got the mya bowl around, should the vortex inadvertenly annoy me to the depths of insanity.

I should have my order friday or monday, in either case I will propbably not post about it until monday (I am going out of town, hopefully with a hookah)

I am excited to be well on my way to smoking a hookah this time of night, instead of smoking a handful of cigs.
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