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Default Help me pick a hookah

So I've been reading these forums a while now and it seems that everyone swears by the brand of hookah they own.

Here's what I think I've learned so far. Please correct any misconceptions I might have.

KM - almost legendary in the community, but I'd have to drop $100+
Mya - great smokers and supposedly cheaper, yet after an initial scouring, it seems even these start around $80.

The financial aspect is rather important because I'm a lowly college student but with Christmas around the corner, I might be able to con the folks into chipping in.

Here's a big question. I've seen mention of KM and Mya yet no one is specific about which KM/Mya they use. Is there any significant difference between the 32"/36"/40" etc apart from the size, look etc. Do they smoke any differently? Does any one size excel?

I guess what I'm looking for from you guys is added insight into the selection process.
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