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Default Re: SmokeSpace

Congrats on the purchase, I myself have found when those were used at hookah bars, I there were issues with them. A lot of them leaked water from the base, and had issues w/ water bubbling into the hose, even though the line was barely an inch above the stem. Not all of that style though had issues.

If smoke is pulled into the base, the smoke will stay in the base for a good time, unless theres a leak, check to see where the smoke is escaping.

Even though there's a small chamber for smoke, you should still be able to get a lot, remember the more you inhale, the more smoke will come down into the water. If you're not getting much smoke, consider your bowl packing method, or potentially adding more heat to your bowl (another coal).

I have a feeling the last paragraph applies to you, but if theres a leak check.

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