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Default Mya Saray

Well i heard such great things about mya's customer service. Well.... My down stem for my had threads on it. And i cleaning i would take the whole assembly apart and then put it back together. Well one day the downstem broke off inside of the actual stem that it thread locks into.

Well i messaged mya saray, and they're pretty much like ok.. buy another one.

What happened to standing behind their products and such like i've been hearing about? I mean i'm not mad at them, and i wouldn't have expected their help if i hadn't heard such rave reviews about their customer service.

i dunno. I'm just a little disapointed and if i can't get the threads out i'll have to buy a whole new stem.. YUCK

I love their products and they have great hookahs i'm not saying anything bad about them, but i'm wondering if they realized that replacing hookah parts and such was cutting into the profits and unless it's something major that they screwed up they wont replace anymore?


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