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Default Re: Why should i upgrade to a taller hookah?

I think that part of the problem is that a 10"-12" hookah with a 1.5"-2" diameter stem would pull too easy. I mean everything has to be shrunk down otherwise the pressure difference would fill the base too quickly and burn the coals and tobacco faster. Heat management on something like that seems like it would be a beast. I do think the longer stem would allow the smoke to cool somewhat but as has been said the smoke passing through cold or even iced water and then sitting in the base until it is sucked out should make that a moot point. The size of the base may have some effect but I am not sure larger is necessarily better there either. The smaller the base the less volume of liquid the ice has to cool thus the quicker it cools. Though, with a larger base you have larger surface area so just put more ice and it would cool it that much more. Seems a MYA QT with a diffuser and ice in the bottom would be as cool as a 5'7" hookah without ice and a diffuser.

Basically if your small hookah is well made and durable then you would be doing fine. I can imagine small differences in large and small. I kind of want a small hookah now. I haven't even gotten my large one yet but I could see for taking it to people's houses and stuff a smaller one would be much more convenient.
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