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Default Re: Help me pick a hookah

I still say there are good no names to be found. Look for hand made. Everything I read before coming here said roughly 20 to 36 inches is best larger is harder to clean but possible and smaller can be harder to manage. People here just seem to say when you get the hang of it if it is well made and looks good it is good. I find it funny though that even the big names aren't tremendously more than the generics. The only thing the name seems to do is mean you can bet on better consistency. MZ, KM, and MYA seem to pretty well consistently turn out good hookahs. Generics can be hit or miss mostly hookahs are fairly simple instruments so the main things that can get screwed up is inferior welds, inferior materials, and apparently inferior grommets. Not sure why there would be inferior grommets but some people seem to have some issues with them sealing so not sure what that is about I would say it is replaceable, inferior materials like stainless steel that isn't exactly the right allow blend or didn't go through the right heating or cooling might break or rust, inferiror welds can start leaks. Watch those things and get whatever appeals to you.
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