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Default Re: Shipping prices.

The Hookah store is $7.50 flat rate. Also Les is great. Hard to beat $7.50 shipping. Also there is a code to get 15% off everything you buy. On top of that their prices are hard to beat, and you get cheaper rates the more you buy so if you stock up on Shisha you can clean up. Plus bulk rates on Coals usually max out around 6-10 rolls so you can easily get the cheapest price quickly they recently added Akhla coals and they are fairly cheap but really nice quality.

I gotta say I love John and I think he is great and knowledgeable. I really want to give him business when I can but for me go where you can get what you need at the best price. That is why we have the discounts and all the great vendors here. What I did is go to several of the vendors and put my order in the shopping cart and find out how much it was going to be. Then apply whatever discounts were applicable and figure out that way. When I stock up on Al Fakher I will probably buy from ******* cause he has the buy x get x free thing on AF and I will toss in a few other things I want to justify the shipping. It just so happened that for what I wanted last time The Hookah Store had what I wanted far cheaper than any others.

As with anything, when you are looking for something to buy you have to weigh your whole order. We buy groceries at one place because my wife gets the whole bill cheaper, even though some of the stuff can be bought cheaper at other stores. I tried not to rule vendors out that had stuff higher than others until I weighed the whole order. There were 5 vendors that I would go to I believe for one thing or another. The rest didn't seem worth it to me for what I want vs what they have in light of their prices. But that is just me.

Hookah-Hookah has some cool deals sometimes and lots of good stuff at good prices with a great discount. Very active in this community as Hookah-Hookah, and Sahara Smoke not sure why two names for basically the same thing but whatever.
The Hookah Store has outrageously low prices on most things and the killer discount and great service. New to the community but I think as more people check them out this will be a big vendor here.
******* Hookah Great prices read the reviews about his service it is impecable and always willing to work with you. Also very active part of this community.
MNH mainly because they have a few things that caught my attention and they seem to be pretty active here though I haven't honestly checked out their website much.
The Hookah Guys not because I know anything about them but because we get a discount there and they had great prices on a few things I was looking at.

There are many other great ones here but these were the ones that caught my attention recently for varied reasons. For what you are wanting I think I would recommend The Hookah Store. If for no other reason but to get more reviews than just mine. LOL. Shipping is a little cheaper and it seems they were the one you did most of your shopping on. Also you can load up on Shisha on the cheap. They have a discount code check the vendor specials section under the thread vendor codes or something like that. It is 15% off which rocks. It is applied to your whole order on top of the bulk discounts. I think you will be pleased.
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