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Default Re: Epic smoke? ((brand of tobacco))

Originally Posted by tbonesown View Post
has anyone ever heard of the brand "Epic Smoke"?

I saw it at a hookah bar the other day and thought i'd give the "Key Lime Pie" a whirl...

I'll give a review later, but i was curious to see if anyone else has seen/smoked this.

The molasses that it is soaked in is VERY VERY thin liquid... damn near the consistency of water... which was cool when i used my vortex bowl cause the holes are at the very top near the foil... so the session lasted A LONG time because of all of the juice.
It's not mollasses. It's glycerin mixed w/a mysterious substance that immediately turns everything it comes into contact with into a flavorless, drippy dollop of shit.Excuse my language.
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