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Default Re: First time Hookah Buyer KM vs Mya

Well I do like licorice twizzlers. I want to get some nakhla mint, I am already starting to build a bigger shisha list for my next order.
About to put the ice trays in the freezer, so the ice will be ready. I plan on putting the ice in my magic blender and making a very runny slushy for my first session. Don't worry the magic blender can handle the ice cubes great. I am most excited about the SB Blue Mist / Myst That's the one flavor I haven't got some kind of negative comment about, and everybody seems to love. You've got to consider I am a cigarette smoker (1 pack a day) so the taste can't be THAT bad to me

Both the UPS (Hookah-Shisa) and the FedEx (SaharaSmoke) are scheduled for delivery tommorow (they are only hours away from my distrubution center. So I SHOULD get it tommorow. Thing is in my building we don't get deliverys, we get notices, and then I get to drive to the airport to pickup my packages.

At this time any suggestions prudent for a person setting up a session for their first time would be prudent. I am not sure I will see my hookah buddy before the urge to test everything out wins out. All my setup is posted above in a earlier post, (Click to jump to post with order)

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