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Originally Posted by TheMadnessAxis View Post
alot of people told me it smokes as good as the QT , it looks better so why not?

and im only using it here for 6 months then im going back to kuwait ... so i dont need anything fancy or expenisive , im gonna end up selling it or giving it away before i leave so thats why im looking for a one that is no more than 50$

so what about " the prince " any info on that?
Haven't used any of them I was just wondering. In red I think "the Prince" Would look cool enough. Not sure about how it works or anything like that. Oh well the QT and the Bambino are probably about the same. I kind of thought the QT looked better but that is just me. As to the $50 remember the 15% discount at thehookahstore and factor that into your figures as well. I have just seen several more traditional looking hookahs in small sizes and small prices which I figure would smoke better considering the way they are built. Just my two cents.
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