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Default Talk me out of buying a KM

So I've got a dilemma, right now I've got a 29" Egyptian style hookah from hookahcompany and I've been considering getting a little 13" Dragon from SaharaSmoke for when I travel or if I just want to take a hookah out somewhere with me (it comes with a case and a bunch of accessories). But after reading all the reviews on this site for KM's I've really been thinking about dropping another $90 on a new hookah. The hookah I have now works all right, but I was just wondering if there really is a noticeable improvment from a somewhat generic egyptian style hookah? Also, is there any bags large enough to fit these pipes? Most of the bags I've come across don't seem large enough to fit the larger egyptian style.

Basically, talk me out of spending more money haha
Thanks for the input

- Josh
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