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Default Re: Talk me out of buying a KM

Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
I am sorry but to me this is like saying talk me out of buying Campbell's soup. The Kroger brand is just fine for me but after seeing the commercials I can't help but want Campbell's. It is the same thing just without the label. I say stick with the Kroger brand there is no reason to pay twice as much for basically the same product.

But! KMs are soooo good! And you can join the KM club! And they are just better even if I haven't tried his generic egyptian I KNOW they are better!

Fezzik, you sir, are a nazi.

(hopes mods get the reference)

On a serious note, fezzik is probably right. If you think your hookah is fine then it probably is fine. So unless you want something new and shiny you can gawk at, don't buy a new KM.
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