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Default Re: The Revolution Bowl

Originally Posted by merkaba
Originally Posted by crashingsucks9
its so hard to make ceramic bowls cause you have to make them alot bigger than you want them cause they shrink i tried a bunch of times and finaly got one but never use it
if its just a cup, shouldn't be a major problem.

whats the percent shrinkage? I heard somewhere its somewhere as high as 25%
% of shrinkage depends on the type of clay used and I beleive the length of time fired.

remarkably cups are rather hard to get to stay the correct size. mugs (2 slabs) are slightly more stable, but have other issues.

the plans look good, but also seem rather complexe for what it's trying to adcheive. Not saying it wouldn't work, it may just be the next "best" method out there.

I would think glass inside would conduct the heat better and possibly be slightly easier to work with than a dual clay system.
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