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Talking My First Hookah - One Man's story of the Mya QT

So I went to the UPS Distrubution depot at 8:00 tonight and got my hookah, met up with the hookah owning friend at a party, and my QT was a HIT!
Everyone, including my fellow hookite prefered my hookah over his, and loved the StarBuzz Blue Mist.

Experience with & UPS:

I ordered at 11:30 am wendsday, got my hookah (attempted delivery) at 11:08 this morning. When I finally got possession of the box, the middle taped seam was loose, but all product was inside. Like everyone else has said they pack stuff VERY well. I spent 20 minutes unpacking stuff out of the foam peanuts. Everything was there, and in great shape. I got not only the merchandise mentioned, but also had a windscreen (traditonal style) and nicotine filters thrown in.

Experience with my Mya QT:
Took a few tries to get the water level right. Have still not used stock mya hose or heba diffuser. Loving my nammor large hose. The wire cage came in real handy on the ride back from the party. We setup the hookah, lit the coals, and placed the windscreen on there, and attached the handle to the top of the wire cage. Smoked like a champ with a dedicated attentdent holding the hookah from the wire cage over bumps, and in my lap otherwise.

Session/Shisa Review:
Session 1: ~ Tryouts
No Ice in vase (determining proper water level) - Smoked outside in below freezing weather most of the session.
Shisha was a 80/20 Blend of SB Blue Mist & Romman Strawberry
Coals, Exotica easy light (silver tabs), then generic quick lites

Started with exotica, neither of us used the coals before - did not give the smoke I wanted. Gave up, went to quick lights. 1 QL plus shards of exotica, produced massive clouds and great flavor.

Lasted well over 1 hour, flavor was predominately blue mist the whole way, and stayed strong till close to the end.

I should say the smell drove several women crazy in a good way, and I had to assure them it was not safe to eat or taste the shisha. Also had to wrestle my SB shisha & namoor hose from a chick when we got ready for it.

9.5/10 - Maybe it was excitement of a new hookah, but this was my favorite session, both duration and flavor overall. No pronounced buzz.

Session 2: ~ Driving the hookah home (I held it and was a passenger)
Ice in vase
Shisa was a 70/30 Blend of Nakhla ChocoMint & Romman Strawberry
Coals, 2 QLs (Started with 1, then shifted to 2)

Noticably smaller smoke, and the stawberry flavor was weak (I think it is anyways) most of the session. Tasted like taking a deep breath right by mint plants sprinkled with a lot of cocoa, hints of strawberry in the distance. This bowl actually quit putting out much, much earlier, I assume due to the greater heat output of the QL's we used the whole session.

- Unhappy with the session due to the QL's going through the shisha too quick, also had a number of harsh pulls. Maybe I will like the flavor more later.

Session 3:
~ Breaking in the apartment
No Ice
Shisha was 85/15 Blend of SB Blue Mist & Nakhla ChocoMint
Coals, total 3 Exotica Easy lights

First solo session, and it is going well as I write this. ChocoMint it pretty strong, even just a tiny pinch, but it is pretty good with the blue mist -- still, this will be the only time soon I smoke this blend.

Great smoke, the exotica coals seem to allow for much more heat management. Getting a better buzz now that I am lying on the couch.

Where da bowl at?

Sahara Smoke did a great job getting the vortex package out same day too, also attempted delivery at 11:38 AM. However FedEx would not let me do a pickup on it, so I have to try and wake up when they attempt delivery tommorow. (off work for the weekend now) So nothing negative to say about the company, but unhappy with fedex.


Overall a very happy camper so far. Sorry I posted several reviews in one post, but I am tired. I like my new hookah, and so did everybody that saw it. I look forward to many more happy sessions, and I am sure they will improve greatly with time and skill. I am saving that tangiers for a bit, until my skill level improves a tad bit. Should I open it to "acclimate" it? Thanks for welcoming to the the community!

Click here to jump to my original post, where I asked for help and guidance choosing a hookah, and listed off everything I ordered ( a few replies down the list )

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