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Default Re: Tips for opening a shop

If it is a hookah lounge here is some pointers I've learned:

Get your business plan together to the last dime. Then double it.

Find a spot where the average age is in their 20's. Around universites is the best bet to get the max business.

Know what your talking about when it comes to hookahs. I've talked to the guy that owns the hookah bar by me and he doesn't know too much about hookahs. He knows a lot about what he serves in the bar (Nahkla tobacco) but pretty much nothing else (I said something about Starbuzz tobacco and he looked at me like he never heard of it before) and it seems like he just did it to open it and wasn't really a conisure of the hookah and it kind of puts me off that I can't go in and talk to him about all the different things about hookahs. This really isn't a huge issue just my 2 cents that I think is a really nice plus when someone comes in and you know what they are talking about.

And one last thing. Plan, plan then plan some more. Make sure everything is in order before you start anything. Don't leave anything out thinking that it is little and wont matter. It just might turn into something bigger then you expected and then you run into a problem.

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