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Default Re: Tips for opening a shop

Originally Posted by hookah-D View Post
My husband and I are becoming interested in owning our own business. We think hookahs are the way to go. Some sort of a smoke shop. We would love your help and support. Please if you have any tips or advice on things we may need to get started let us know. Feel free to send us private messages as well. Thanx a whole lot guys. Keep on smoking!
I used to run/own a pretty successful lounge and i am glad i'm out out of the business. I've written about it here so if you are interested use the search function.

As to a store front i'd forget it due to the regulatory environment. As to mail order if you have a good deal of experience running a retail business go for it provided you can either:

1) have enough purchasing power to undercut the prices from other mail order establishments
2) get stuff that that no one else can.

Simply selling the same products at roughly the same prices as a dozen other mail order places won't cut it.
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