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Question Just recieved my first Hookah set: have questions, need tips...

Hi Everyone! I've smoke hookah plenty of times before in the past, but all of them were at hookah bars. Yesterday, I received (and smoked) my first very own hookah set! I got an emerald 14" MYA QT from, and boy, it is great!

I have always been under the impression that cold=good when it comes to hookah, but will it ever get to the point where too cold will mess something up? I live in Wisconsin, and it gets pretty cold outside nowadays (I can only smoke outside). This will not only get the water compartment cold, but the entire bowl area gets cold as well. As a matter of fact, my wind guard never even gets warm from all that coal I've used. I can pick it up with my bare hands after a 1 hour smoking session! Is there any way this will affect the burn of the tobacco?

Also, I read somewhere (I dont remember where) that some people add alcohol, such as vodka, into the water tank area of the hookah. Is this even a good idea? I can't see how a person can consume alcohol without actually drinking it...

Lastly, the hookah buzz. When I smoked the Al Waha I scored for $1.50 for the first 10 minutes, I get dizzy. Smoking all gives a slight headache with nausea. Is this the hookah buzz everyone is talking about? Sometimes I wonder if it is not just brain/blood hypoxia that gives you these symptoms, and not the stuff in the shisha.

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