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Default Re: hookah lounge + restaurant

Originally Posted by tbonesown View Post
Don't worry, i'm not trying to post ANOTHER "i'm opening a hookah lounge and i need tips" thread. I've read them all and i've got the idea...

but i had a question to people who know more about business/law of hookah lounges and what not..

Many states have a law roughly stating "for an establishment to allow indoor smoking, 80%(or whatever it may be) of the sales must be tobacco related"...

well i was wondering:

If in the same building, could you have one business that was SOLELY the smoking portion and then have another business name for all of the food/alcohol part... but STILL keep it in the same building?

I was just curious if anyone on the forums knew about this at all, before i ask a lawyer/commercial broker about it.

theres a hookah lounge in my area and one part of the building is medina kabob where they have food and what not then you go thru double doors and its called magik lounge but its the same owners and everything just different sections
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