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Default Re: little or no smoke

Originally Posted by UXK View Post
rather than starting another newbie thread ill just post in this one haha.

i set up my pipe for my first time last night and everything was going fine. had a little trouble getting the coals started since we were trying to use a lighter but eventually made the trek in to use the stove with jap easy-lites. we started smoking and were getting real nice clouds even for smoking outside and having a slight breeze. only problem i had was a weak flavor. i was smoking laylina kiwi-strawberry and im not sure if that brand just has a weak flavor in general. it wasnt a harsh taste as if the tobacco was burning but i just was expecting more flavor.

weak flavor, laylina strawberry-kiwi, newbie error perhaps?

if it was the first time u set up the hookah...u might want to wash it out....and air your hose for a while to avoid getting the "new hose taste" and just make sure ur hookah is clean before u use it.
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