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Default Re: i love trying new things!

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
Hundreds was just am easy thing to say, I never counted, don't make a liar out of me
Well I can honestly say with certainty that I have hundreds of unopened boxes, how about that, and maybe thousands depending on whether I am low or just stocked up. Something that won't kill your inventory is to try 50g packs, I rarely open 250g for myself anymore as I get bored to easy, however I did make a kilo purchase for personal use of a flavor I just kept loving, SB Citrus Mist. I had taken 2 250g and still needed more, so why not get a kilo?
btw THS, just checked your site, you should easily have hundreds of flavors....dipping in once in awhile is good too. it's work related
write it off as a business expense
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