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Default Where can i get this shisha flavor?

I want this particular shisha flavor.

It could be peach or grape or any thing that not strong (double apple is strong for me!). I want it without chemical, artificial, or candyish flavor. Some thing that let you enjoy (not headache and puke) when you smoke it and you can taste it in your mouth. I donít want it make strong buzz, just little or no buzz.

I like AF white grape but it has lack of flavor lately.
I tried AF peach it was suck(chemical taste), I donít like it.
Nakhlah double apple, not to bad kinda strong, it is not my taste.

I used to use luxury peach shisha (I brough it from Kuwait) It doesnít has name, but it was so expensive (1 kilo for $75 but watch out it was in Kuwait not The U.S. so it is SOOOO expensive, 1 kilo of AF in Kuwait for $4)

So any brand and flavor recommended ?

Note: sorry for my English, it is not my native language, hope you understand my post, Lo0oL.

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