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Originally Posted by Fezzik View Post
Ok start with a classic crystal base none of this lead free crap. Make the stem entirely out of an Iron and aluminum alloy, while your at it make the bowl out of the same alloy. The hose doesn't matter. Ok so it will smoke like hell and probably be toxic but once the stem rusts really well the pyrotechnics will be freaking sweet. Be sure to use this over a worthless cast iron skillet and on a concrete slab that is really thick.

Seriously A large bell vase, a non corrosive metal stem, the bowl of your choice, and the hose of your choice. Everything is subjective so the ultimate hookah is one where you can pick the parts you need and build it based on several designs and materials.
at first i was going to tell you good luck finding real lead crystal since nooooo where will make it any more... then i saw the rest of the rig you wanted

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