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Default Re: Which natural coal would you get???

Originally Posted by TheHookahStore View Post
I agree, Coconara doesn't ash hardly at all. There is no smell when lighting. When using them I never bother to knock the ash off because there is never enough ash to bother with. Considering how small they are, they last an extremely long time. But not quite as long as the Exotica.

The Exotica doesn't ash as much as other natural coals but does more so than Coconara. As for the smell and taste of Exotica, I only notice that when they are not fully lit. Once the black is gone and they turn white/gray, they have no taste nor smell and burn for a very long time. And they are square and won't roll off your bowl.
I have to respectfully disagree on the comment ion bold. Exoticas during use just end up to be a pile of ash. It's not the worst thing, they are ok for the $$$, but I don't think that's an accurate comment. The ash left after using exoticas are about the same mass as the coals themselves before lit, well almost.
I won't go into the coco vs ch though as it would be to biased. Thanks guys for discussing this.
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