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Default Re: Acclimate Al Fakher?

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
acclimating is a poor excuse to hide crappy tobacco!

I am with John on this one, just open the tub and pack a bowl for your hookah, put on coals, and enjoy! No bullshyt needed. If it tastes bad, it tastes bad because that batch is crap! just my opinion.

I had some Layalina Mangosteen one time and it was TERRIBLE! No amount of acclimating would have changed the fact that it was just crap tobacco/flavor. I ended up throwing that tub out. I wouldn't give/trade that shyt to my worst enemy. I have also put some other stuff down the garbage disposal. I got some Tangiers Juicy Peach from Sammn and let it sit out for 3 days! it still smelled like bbq crap so down the disposal it went ..
HAHAHA down the disposal!
very funny man. Yeah i smoked it and it was fine! verrry sweet stuff and a cool feeling on the exhale that tasted exactly like watermelon jolly rancher. not bad at all! Thanks guys.
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