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Default Re: Cleaning Question

The clay bowl would be fine for the dishwasher heat wise, however I wouldnt recommend any part of the hookah be put in the dishwasher for two reasons.

1) The base and stem are both either oddly shaped or too narrow for water to effectively get inside and clean them. Plus the paint on your vase would most likely peel under the temperature of water in the dishwasher.

2) While dish soap and jet dry might be just fine for cleaning things you eat and drink out of, I wouldnt trust either of those items for something you're going to be burning and inhaling.

To clean the base, either lemon juice and baking soda and swish it around for a bit, or if its super dirty, get some kosher salt and a bottle of rubbing alcohol, dump the salt and alcohol in, cover with your hand, and shake the bottle. After that rinse it real well, then do the lemon juice and baking soda trick.

For the stem, pour the baking soda down the stem, then use a squirt bottle to squirt the lemon juice down there, itll foam up, the use a cleaning brush or a pipe cleaner to scrub it out and then wash it under warm water.

Easiest place to wash stems are in the shower or with a garden hose.

Edit : Personally after every 4 or 5 smokes I take a little bit of Dawn dish soap and pour it in my base with hot water, drop in a few cotton balls, and swirl them around a bit to clean off any mild buildup off the glass, my bowl usually stays clean enough this way that I dont have to resort to much else, rinse it out 5 or 6 times to get the soap out and you're good to go.

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