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Default Re: Cleaning Question

I don't think any part of the hookah is really dishwasher safe, nor would the dishwasher be very effective on most parts.

If it is getting really nasty and you want to do a complete cleaning. Fill your bathtub with hot water and put the stem in there and let it soak for a while. Then run your brush thru it a few times and lit it soak some more. Brush it again then give it the lemon juice/baking soda and scrub again.. This is extreme but should be effective

As for the vase, rinse it real good with hot water then, add the baking soda and lemon juice. Add enough that the foam comes all the way up to the top of the vase and let it sit for 15 minutes or more. Then brush it and rinse well.

Don't try any of this on your hoses!
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