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Default Re: The Revolution Bowl (UPDATED WITH NEW DIAGRAM)

Originally Posted by ZenSilk
This looks like a really great idea. I have to say. I think it would work pretty well. I dont see why not. Are there holes in the cup? I think if there wasn't it would restrict airflow, or you'd have to pull harder to get the smoke up and out of the cup.
No, there are no holes in this theoretical cup, so that the juices stay inside. As far as pulling harder, my thinking is that it couldn't be too much harder than a phunnel bowl, as you are still pulling the smoke up and around an obstacle.

Originally Posted by hobohookah
Yea, Id patent it. You already did a public disclosure though, so I think the time is ticking. You have to patent it within 30 or 60 days. If you are interested, talk to a patent lawyer in your area. They can give you a consultation for free usually, and then you can patent it yourself (if you are intrepid).

Full patent costs $500, but you need to do your own research and figure out how to write. A lawyer would cost about $2000-7000 dollars, but they would do it right.

Anyways, cool idea! Have to let us know how it smokes.
Honestly, I am going to be happy when I can just smoke out of this bowl. If people want to make money off of my idea, I can only hope that they remember what diabolical genius thought it up.

edit: That is, if it works...
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