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Default Re: What is the best Double Apple?

No, it doesn't have any brand. It is made by a local hookah bar in Saudi Arabia. This is one of the traditional and very old hookah bars and they make their own secret blend. We tried many times to figure it out but we couldn't.

What is unique about their tobacco is that:

- it has a great flavor, it is like the ultimate DA flavor, when you try it you feel that it can't get better than that.
- The session could last for three hours (I swear) with a consistent smoke and flavor. Only one bowl is used and it is really overpaaaaaacked.
- It has a great smell, somitimes when I smoke it, my clothes will smell like DA for the whole day.

As I said this bar is really old and it is in the middle of an industrial area.

By the way, they do sell their tobacco at their bar but it is considered VERY VERY VERY EXPENSIVE. The price for 1 kilo is $180. So, it is cheaper for us to smoke at the bar instead of buying the tobacco.

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