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Default Miller79 is a sad smoker

I walked into my favourite shisha bar today to get some supplies. It seems like the place has undergone some management changes or something because its an entirely new staff. The owner was behind the counter and I asked if I could buy a box of coals and if I could get some grommets - something that has never been an issue in the past. He said I couldnt have any coals and didnt know what grommets were and he was pretty rude about it. Eventually he gave me 1 pack of coals saying that he was running low and threw me 2 used grommets. Since I was desperate and have no orders coming in I took the coals but gave back the grommets after he refused to give me new ones. He charged me 5 bucks.

Cafe Med in calgary was a great shisha bar with the friendliest staff. I am sad to say that my local hookah joint is now sub par at best due to the unfriendly staff. I am a sad smoker.
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