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Default Re: Miller79 is a sad smoker

Definitely know how you feel.

I first started smoking as a passion about a year and a half ago. The manager of a pool hall/hookah lounge quickly became a good friend of mine and i learned A LOT about it all from him. Sadly, he got brain cancer and hasn't been back there for at least 7 months ((thank god he is ok, they ridded all of the cancer with chemo... but the chemo left him really weak so he still isn't back there every day like he used to)).

Since his absence, some other people are running it now and, i'm sad to say they know the JIST of making and smoking hookah, but it was no where near the quality of someone who treats hookah as a passion and not a job. I went back there fairly recently and decided to order a hookah anyway while shooting some pool. very disappointed.
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